Monday, September 20, 2010

I have great garden sitters

My great grandmother passed away last week, and so my husband, brother, his 4 children, and I had to make a flying trip to Illinois on Thursday to attend the services on Friday/Saturday. I wanted to pay my respects, but I must admit I had some trepidation about leaving my fledgling garden. But my brother-in-law and sister-in-law garden sat for me, so my fears were misplaced. We got in late last night, so I checked the garden at daybreak. (I was too exhausted to check last night after spending 30 hours in a car with 4 screaming, arguing children.)

Here's what I found this morning:

Sugar snap peas are coming on

Lettuce - not doing as well as I'd hoped, but I did direct seed it, so I didn't have really high hopes


Looks like a green bean got in the spinach square. Not sure how that happened.

Green beans look great! I got about 100% germination last time I planted them, so I only planted one seed per hole.

A few little carrot sprouts. I have a hard time with carrots.

Radishes look pretty good too. Not as good a germination rate as I'd hoped though.

So far so good with the fall garden. Our mornings and nights are cooler, but daytime temps are still in the 90's.


  1. It is looking good! I'm just starting a garden now too, in south west Florida. I'm new to gardening and fairly new to Florida, so we'll see how it goes.

  2. Thank, Heather! Good luck on your fall garden! Are you doing a square foot garden?