Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hello Ely!

Not sure if I've mentioned it, but I'm a huge dog lover. In fact, I can't remember never having a dog. Except for the last year and a half. We lost our Rottie, Lady, in December of 2009. I decided I didn't want to get a dog until later in 2010.  I had also decided that as much as I love Rotties I wanted a lap dog who actually fit in my lap. 

Getting a dog wasn't a real high priority, and I have to admit I kinda liked not having the responsibility of a dog - going home at lunch to let them potty, rushing home after work to let them potty, finding a dog sitter or a boarding facility when we traveled out of town, etc. So when I got chickens in July of last year I thought that would satisfy my desire for a pet. Turns out chickens aren't very cuddly, and it's pretty well impossible to housebreak them (not that I tried!).

When The Brawn and I traveled to Tennessee last week, the last thing I had in mind was getting a dog. But that was before we met his cousin's dog, Ellie. She was a dachshund/schnauzer mix puppy who was absolutely adorable. She was smart as a whip, obedient and very calm for a puppy her age. As I was petting this wonderful pup, her mom said, "She still has brothers and sisters available for adoption." A few minutes later she had the rescue's website pulled up showing me pictures of the other pups from the litter. Not one to make rash decisions with regards to a pet that I intend on keeping for the next 15 years or so, I explained that I don't like to make hasty decisions - and especially when it comes to adding a family member. Plus we had a 700 mile plus journey ahead of us later that week. But Ellie had her hooks in me, and I knew if one of her siblings was half as good a puppy as she was we'd be lucky to have him/her as a pet.

I contacted the rescue group to see if they did out of state adoptions, and if it would be possible to get the adoption finalized in a little over a day. We arranged with the foster mom of 3 of the pups - males - to meet the boys the next morning to decide which one or if we wanted to go through with the adoption. We met Eddie, Ernie and Ely, and decided to adopt Ely.

I was worried about how Ely would deal with the amount of traveling that lay ahead of us, but to my surprise he was a wonderful traveler! He lay on the front seat between The Brawn and I all the way back to Texas. Since getting home he's been nothing but tons of fun. He is doing pretty well with potty training provided I watch for the signs he's about to go. He loves my nieces and nephews (and revels in all the smothering of him they do. And he's not such a bouncy, overwhelming puppy that he frightens the smaller ones.

If you're in the market for a dachshund/terrier mix pup, check out the AARF-TN website.

This is how our little passenger rode most of the way home.

Ely and Emma

Ely all tuckered out

Ely (on left ) and little sister Ellie (on right)

Ely and the chickens - we're still working on introducing him.  

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