Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pics from the past week or so

Here are some pictures I've taken since I got back. Most with my phone because it's easier to carry to the garden than my camera, and easier to upload too because I don't have to resize the pictures. The downside is the quality is not nearly as good, and the focus is not sharp. But these are garden pictures not pictures for the art gallery, so I guess they'll do.

I'm having to hand pollinate all of my squash and zuchinni, which is kind of a pain, and I've lost several female squash blossoms because I overlooked them during my morning garden inspection, or they bloomed after I left for work.

Last week pics:

Baby eggplant

This week's pics

Eggplant blossoms

Almost ready!

Getting bigger

Cherokee Purple - it's kinda split. Not sure if it is gonna make it to ripening with all those splits

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