Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some picture of the garden set up

Not much to do this evening. I want to put some mulch on the garden to help with moisture control. (Last year the Mel's Mix dried out so quickly, and it was a constant battle to keep it watered.) I have some pine bark mulch here at the house, but I don't want to use it if it will cause my soil to be acidic, so I posted a query over at the SFG Forum on gardenweb.com in hopes of getting feedback from some more experienced SFGer's.

So now I wait... In the meantime I figured I'd take some pictures of the garden - such as it is.

The new hot wire set up

The Fi-Shock - previously used for the pups now for use on the other little 4-legged mercenaries

Hope they're close enough to the ground and close enough to each other to keep the little moochers at bay

Fantastic tomatoes in the forefront, Black Beauty eggplant in the back

Crookneck squash - probably a mistake to put them in the same box, but I wanted more squash and had limited box space.


The tomato box

Cherokee Purple tomato plant

The big oak tree that shades our garden. we probably need to trim off some limbs, or top it. There is a danger it could fall on our powerline if we get another hurricane.

Side view of garden

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