Wednesday, May 27, 2009

All tied up

At least the tomatoes are. They have long needed to be tied up to the trellises, and I finally took time to do that yesterday evening. It's my first time to tie up tomatoes, and I guess I did an okay job. The tomatoes aren't complaining anyway.

Black Krim and Cherokee Purple after being tied up.

A Cherokee Purple starting to change colors

One of our Quick Picks

Tied up Quick Picks

The eggplants have really taken off lately

The corn is really growing

The cauliflower head is getting bigger too.

Fooled You peppers are looking very good

My biggest pepper

ACHILLEA Coronation Gold from Bluestone Perennials

Shasta Daisy. Some sort of bug got on my shasta daisies, and they don't look so hot. :(

Our strawberries are still lookin good

The green beans are still blooming

Look how much my American melon has grown in just a couple of days.


  1. Good job, Rachel! Everything looks great! Don't you just love seeing such growth in just 24 hours? It never ceases to amaze me, I think I take daily photos just so I can see how fast the plants grow.

  2. Thanks Granny! I think my plants would still be in infancy if I hadn't goosed them with a little fertilizer.