Sunday, May 10, 2009

New potential follower

I've been a little lackadaisical in posting to the blog this week. It's been H-O-T here. and M-U-G-G-Y. The muggy makes the hot even worse. Walking outside is like stepping into a sauna. Needless to say playing in the garden hasn't been as much fun this week.

I had to water this week for the first time in a few of weeks because it finally quit raining. The sun is now pouring in on most of my boxes. The tomato and watermelon box is still getting too much shade, so we need to cut out some more scrub brush, and my honey's gonna borrow a friend's pole saw to trim some limbs off of an oak tree that puts a lot of shade on the box.

I picked a literal hand full of sugar snap peas off the vine today. I don't really like the peashell, but the peas themselves are pretty okay. Maybe before this season is over I'll convince myself I really like them. Of course, I've been eating them raw, so cooked in something they may taste better. I have enjoyed growing the sugar snap peas, so next year I think I'll plant quite a few more squares of them. The nieces and nephews like picking them and eating them right out of the garden, so that's another plus.

Speaking of nieces and nephews, Emma, my youngest niece, loves eating strawberries out of the garden. Charlie and I have found them to be a bit tart, but she wolfs 'em down like they're pure sugar.

My Fooled You pepper plants have blooms on them! Won't be long now before I'm eating bacon wrapped jalapenos off the grill without having to worry about the setting my mouth on fire. My corn is getting pretty tall. I can't remember when I need to pull of the suckers? I'm not at the point yet, but I remember having to do it at my husband's grandpa's farm.

I'll try to take some pics of the garden tomorrow. I was going to take some last week, but my camera fogs up when I walk out of the house, and it's too hot to stay outside and let the camera acclimate. Maybe tomorrow it won't be so steamy, and I can get some updated pictures.

I've just learned from my aunt that my grandma wants to follow my blog. Guess I better keep it G-rated from here on out. :) Hey Mammaw!

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