Friday, May 14, 2010

As the worm turns

So I think I mentioned that I bought some floating row covers to protect my squash and zucchini from insects. Imagine my dismay when I went out to the garden Wednesday morning to discover my squash plants infested with a bunch of worms!! They were little tiny tan colored worms - at least a hundred of them all over the plants and in the dirt. So I started picking them out and squishing/tossing them on the ground and stomping. They were not soft and squishy worms. They were kinda hard like a millipede. I'm still trying to figure out what they were. I took a picture, but apparently my brand new sd card has decided to go kaput. argh!

I also found a lot of little black eggs all over the plants, so I wiped those off as best I could. So far I haven't seen any more of the little worms, but I'm trying to be more vigilant. I found a few of the worms and eggs on the zukes, but apparently these worms have more of an appetite for crookneck squash.

On the bright side my squash and zukes have pretty well doubled in size, and it appears they have a few little buds on them. Can't wait til they start flowering - and even better - til the fruit starts ripening.

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