Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lazarus garden

Well, I guess you just can't keep a good garden down. I thought I'd lost a lot of my veggies to the freeze that came through last week, so I deserted it for a few days. When I finally psyched myself up to go back out to peruse the damage this weekend I made an amazing discovery. The potato plants that I thought were toast actually have new growth on them. The green beans also look like they're sprouting new leaves on top as well. I don't know if they'll bounce back, but I've left them just the same.

New potato growth

I think the green beans are resprouting?

The tomato plants, with the exception of one of the cherry tomato plants that my little brother gave to me, were goners, so I uprooted them and replanted some new ones. I wasn't too upset about the tomato plants, because I'd seen some really great looking heirloom tomato plants at Cook's Nursery the weekend after I bought my second round of tomato plants. These plants were 18 inches or so high and several of them already had blooms on them. So my hubby and I made a trip to Nacogdoches to pick up some more tomato plants, and they looked just as great as they had the week before. We bought 4 heirlooms (2 Black Krims and 2 Cherokee Purple) as well as a 4 pack of Quick Picks, and a four pack of Super Sweet 100 cherry tomato plants. I don't have a spot for 4 cherry tomato plants, but I'll plant what I need and give the rest to a friend.

Hubby and I got the trellises put up today, and my sugar snap pea plants were very happy. Before they were just languishing around in the square foot, draped over to the ground, etc. Now they've got something to climb.

I'm afraid I made a bit of an oopsy with regard to planning. I planted my peas in the square in front of my cucumbers and canteloupes, and I'm afraid they are going to overshadow the baby cucumbers and melons. Next year I'll need to be sure the sugar snaps are planted at the back of the box. Speaking of melons another sugar baby and the other cantaloupe seed finally sprouted.

In addition to planting tomatoes and installing trellises my niece and I planted some more green beans, blackeyed peas, and sugar cream peas. What a great garden day!

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  1. It really is amazing how resilient some plants are. The peas look great, too!

    Love the blog, keep it up!