Monday, April 27, 2009

My first harvest

Oh happy day! I picked my first harvest today - 4 little sugar snap peas. They are very adorable. I probably should have left them on the vine a few more days, but I just couldn't wait to snack on a few. It was a very exciting day. I still have several more untouched pea pods. I guess I'll let them completely mature, so I can harvest the seeds.

My first victims, err, harvest

Just a few more days til this one's ready

I also learned today that I don't really like sugar snap peas that much... Oh well. I know I like maters, and I can't wait til those guys are ready.

My little bro went over to Cook's Nursery last week to get some tomato plants. He'd heard me raving about their selection and quality plants, so he decided to check it out. I asked him to pick me up a cauliflower 4-pack. They already have cauliflowers on them! Lookee....

Baby Cauliflower

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