Monday, April 20, 2009

Spring is in the air, and it's picture intensive

The Confederate Jasmine blooms are filling the air with a breezy perfume, and my pea plants have finally started blossoming seemingly overnight.

Confederate Jasmine sometimes called Star Jasmine

Two of the pea blossoms with a couple more about to pop

The pea plants are loving the trellis! I counted at least 6 blooms.

I didn't get to play in the garden yesterday because we had to go to the lake house to work, so today I was just itching to get my hands in the dirt! Today I got off at 5, and it was glorious! I went to Lufkin Farm Supply to buy a replacement Fooled You jalapeno pepper for the plant I lost during the late spring frost. I ended up buying 3. Two for me and one for my brother. I can already taste the grilled bacon wrapped jalapeno peppers. mmmm

I got my two pepper plants planted, and I finally got my eggplants that I bought about a week ago planted.

Fooled You jalapeno peppers. My scraggly looking blackeyed peas are in the background.

In addition the final cherry tomato plant that Phillip gave me was looking a little yellow and unhappy, so I pulled it up and replaced it with one of the plants I had left over from the plants I bought at Cook's. While planting my eggplants I noticed a trail of fireants in the beds. I've never been so excited about seeing fireants in my life. A few weeks ago I purchased some orange oil to kill fireants, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet. I rushed back to the house to grab the orange oil (which is supposed to melt the ant's exoskeleton). I squirted away expecting to see the ants writhe in pain and imagining them screaming nooooooooooo. Alas, the results were less melodramatic. They just died. Pity.

The green beans that Emma and I planted last weekend are starting to peak through the Mel's Mix. Any day now they'll be up and looking around.

Still nothing from the blackeyed peas and cream peas. I hope this round will have a better germination rate. My blackeyed peas last time only sprouted two plants out of 18. Very disappointing.

I also decided to plant another round of chantenay red core carrots. I read on the internet about two weeks after I planted the other ones that you should put vermiculite on top of the carrot seeds to help retain moisture, so I'm trying that. We'll see how it pans out.

Carrot seeds covered with vermiculite. See the taters in the background? They're looking good.

It was a very productive afternoon in my estimation. Can't wait to see more stuff start blooming.

We have a new garden resident. Apparently s/he likes the trellis as much as the pea plants.

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