Thursday, April 30, 2009

Garden update

Just thought I'd post some pics of how my garden is growing.

Broccoli. Are those seed pods growing? When am I gonna get broccoli to eat??

Lots o sugar snap peas. I'm being more patient this time around.

New blackeyed pea sprouts on the right. Old blackeyed pea sprouts on the left. The old ones got bit by the frost. Thus far I'm not too impressed with the germination rate of the blackeyed peas.

Old cream peas on the left. New cream peas on the right. Still not too impressed.

Old green beans on left. New green beans on right. 100% germination.

Flowers on my cherokee purple tomato plant

Cherokee Purple tomato. Hopefully this one won't split like the other one did.

This little quick pick tomato surprised me. I hadn't even noticed it before yesterday!

My corn is coming along nicely. All my new varieties have sprouted quite well, and they're almost caught up with the stuff I planted before it.


  1. rachel, have you gotten any feedback on your broccoli yet? That picture is very strange, and doesn't even resemble broccoli. Let me know if I can help!

  2. No feedback on my broccoli yet, and I'll take all the help I can get! I'll post some pics of the whole plants this evening (the one above is just of the top part of it). The leaves look broccoli-y, but the plants as a whole are very scraggly. Not at all the pictures of bushy broccoli like I've seen posted on the web.